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The first C stands for the cut. Quality lab diamonds must have the perfect cut to reveal the overall beauty of the stone.

The lab grown diamond cut impacts the all-embracing look of a natural or man-made diamond. It also denotes the proportion, symmetry, and polish of the gem.

A rough lab diamond should be faceted to interact with light. Each facet; the flat surface of the stone, is cut in a specific manner so that the stone interacts well with light.

When light rays hit a lab created diamonds, they should break and reflect at different angles to create a distinctive sparkle. To achieve this goal, a diamond crafter must cut a rough diamond accordingly to give it proportion and symmetry. He/she/they must then polish the facets for maximum shine.

It’s all about putting the right amount of effort, having an eye for detail, and utilizing experience from years past to obtain a splendid cut. The end product is an aesthetically appealing stone that is worthy of being mounted on a ring of choice.

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